In the Beginning, God

Putting God in the beginning of all we do!


Today’s reading is Revelation 5-6.

Have you ever prayed and prayed and it seems like nothing is happening? Think about these martyrs who prayed that God would take up their cause. They wondered how long it would be before God would act on their behalf. What did God tell them? “Not yet. Wait.” It is tough for us because God doesn’t audibly respond to our prayers. We may not know the answer He is giving us. But be aware that sometimes His answer is “Wait.” Don’t give up on Him, trust Him to do what is best for us when it is best. Keep praying, and keep hanging on to Him.

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 7-8.

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Today’s reading is Revelation 3-4.

“Worthy are you, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they existed and were created.”

This is what I’ve been saying all year long. God was in the beginning of everything, therefore we need to put Him at the beginning of all we are and do.  We may be motivated to love and serve God because of the salvation He has offered through Jesus, but He deserves love and service because of His creation. We exist and are created by Him. Let us serve, honor, and love Him. Why would we do anything else?

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 5-6.

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The End

Today’s reading is Revelation 1-2.

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. That is, He  is the beginning and the end. Why do we want to put God in the beginning? Of course, because it is right, because God is worthy. But also because not only was God in the beginning, He will be in the end. And the end is coming. Keep Him in the beginning of all you are and do and in the end, He will be with you. Praise the Lord!

Monday’s reading is Revelation 3-4.

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Put Not Your Trust in Presidents

Today’s reading is Psalms 146-150.

“Put not your trust in princes,
in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.
When his breath departs, he returns to the earth;
on that very day his plans perish.”

Dare we say it? Put not your trust in presidents. Whether you think the past one, the present one, or the future one represents hope, don’t. Salvation for God’s people, deliverance for us, will not come from presidents. They will come from God and God and alone. Put your hope in Him and Him alone. Jesus died to save us from our sins, no president can do that for us, and nothing he can do for us even compares. Remember that.

Tomorrow’s reading is Revelation 1-2.

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What Have You Done for Me Historically?

Today’s reading is Psalms 141-145.

What do people ask God in the midst of trouble and turmoil? What have you done for me lately? The psalmists seem to ask a different question. In Psalm 143:5-6, in the midst of trouble and turmoil, David claims he is going to meditate on the days of old and God’s wondrous works then. Let us not be myopic only seeing the moment. Let’s remember all of God’s works. Not the least of which is Jesus on the cross. When your way is hard don’t ask what God has done lately, remember what He has done for you historically. Think about His mighty works and trust Him to work again when the time is right.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 146-150.

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You Know Me

Today’s reading is Psalms 137-140.

If Psalm 139 teaches me anything, it is that God knows me. He knows everything about me. He’s known everything about me since before I was even born. He knows every mistake, every flaw, every doubt, every lust, every lie, every outburst of wrath, every arrogance, every sin. Yet, what did He do anyway? He sent Jesus to die for me. How can I do anything but put Him in the beginning? How about you?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 141-145.

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We Become What We Worship Again

Today’s reading is Psalms 134-136.

We learned this a week and a half ago, and here it is again. Why do we want to stay away from idols? Because we become what we worship. God included that twice in the psalms. The psalmist says it almost the exact same way in both psalms (the other was Psalm 115). Have you thought more about this since then? What does it mean that we become like these useless idols? Think about it. Have you ever seen a person with eyes that don’t see, ears that don’t hear, hands that don’t feel, feet that don’t move, a mouth that doesn’t speak? I have; in a coffin. Stay away from idols because it will kill you. Hang on to God first, foremost, and above all.

Today’s reading is Psalms 137-140.

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Unity: God’s Place of Blessing

Today’s reading is Psalms 128-133.

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!”
Psalm 133:1

When we put God in the beginning, His people come next. We cannot claim to have God first if we are divided off and isolated from His faithful children. Where there is unity around God and His Word there is great blessing, comfort, help, and strength. Be committed to unity because that is where God’s blessing dwells.

Monday’s reading is Psalms 134-136.

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I Was Glad

Today’s reading is Psalms 120-127.

“I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go to the house of the Lord!'”
Psalm 122:1

When God is in the beginning, we are glad to hang out in His presence. We are glad to go where He is worshiped. We are glad to get to worship Him. We are glad to be in and among His people. And when others speak of our God and long for His presence, we are right there with them. That is why Christians love their congregation so much. Keep loving it.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 128-133.

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