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Putting God in the beginning of all we do!

We Become What We Worship

Today’s reading is Psalms 112-116.

Why must we put God in the beginning? Because we become what we worship. AsĀ Psalm 1154-8 explains, idols have blind eyes, deaf ears, useless noses, feeble hands, immobile feet. “Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.” The point? Idols are useless and those who worship them become useless. God is awesome and those who worship Him become like Him. Put God in the beginning.

Monday’s reading is Psalms 117-118.

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Our Foes Crushed

Today’s reading is Psalms 108-111.

No doubt, for Israel, when they thought of foes they thought of Edom, Moab, and Philistia. When we think of foes, we think of Satan and the sins he beats us with too regularly. Do not be overcome by our foes. We will win? Because we are so strong and so awesome? No, because our God is. “With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.” Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 112-116.

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Give Thanks!

Today’s reading is Psalm 107.

Do you know what bugs me? When I searched my graphics sites for an accompanying picture about Giving Thanks to God, every last one of them were in an Autumn color scheme. Not a single one had a summer color scheme. It is almost as if they expect us to only talk about giving thanks around Thanksgiving. But if today’s psalm teaches us anything it is that thanksgiving is a year round practice for those putting God first. Considering all He has done to deliver, save, and redeem us, how could we do any less. Have you thanked God today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 108-111.

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Today’s reading is Psalm 106.

I admit it. Psalm 106 shocks me. Again and again Israel sinned and rebelled. Again and again God punished them. Again and again Israel called on God to save them. Again and again God did. At some point, I would say, “I’ve done this too many times. There is no point seeking forgiveness again.” Yet, Israel asked again. That is what this psalm is, Israel in captivity asking for forgiveness and deliverance. Considering the psalm made it into the hymnal, God gave it to them again. Of course, none of this is permission to keep turning back to sin, but it is permission to keep turning back to God. Praise the Lord!

Today’s reading is Psalm 107.

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In God’s Hands

Today’s reading is Psalm 105.

Why didn’t anyone oppress Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the 12 patriarchs? Because God kept them from doing so. But why did someone oppress Joseph. Because God let them. Why did Israel prosper in Egypt? Because God made them do so. But why did the hearts of the Egyptians turn against Israel? Because God made it so. Why did Moses succeed in delivering Israel? Because God made it so. I know this causes all kinds of questions. However, I hope it provides all kinds of comfort. No matter what we face God is the one in control. We can trust Him to work it out for our deliverance in the end if we will hang on to Him.

Today’s reading is Psalm 106.

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Bless the Lord

Today’s reading is Psalms 103-104.

A few years ago, on a different blog for which I used to write, I commonly ended my posts with the following: “May God bless you. More importantly, may you bless God.” I think I was taken to task over that statement more frequently and by more people than anything else I’ve ever written or said. I was told again and again that we simply cannot bless God. And yet, here it is multiple times in our two psalms for today. “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!” Certainly, I don’t bless God with favors and benefits. However, because of God’s favors and benefits, how can I help but bless Him. That is, how can I help but praise, magnify, boast, exalt, speak well of, glorify, lift up God and His name? May God bless you. More importantly, may you bless God.

Monday’s reading is Psalm 105.

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God or the World

Today’s reading is Psalms 98-102.

As Psalm 102 ends we learn the world is old and, being created by God’s hand, pretty stable. However, being created by God, we need to see that God is greater than the world. In this life, we have two choices. We can either serve God as the creator and giver of all gifts, including the world, or we can pursue, serve, and worship the gifts, including the world. However, really there is only one option. That is, only one option with eternal benefit. All the gifts wear out and fade away and pass on. God, however, endures forever. Always choose God.

Tomorrow’s’s reading is Psalms 103-104.

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Take it to God

Today’s reading is Psalms 94-97.

I get it, when the Psalmists ask God to repay the proud with judgment, it gives us pause. We’re Christians, taught to forgive and bless even our enemies. How can this be a biblical prayer? What I think we should notice is what the psalmist decided to do with all this anger toward the proud who killed the widow, the sojourner, and the fatherless? Instead of taking vengeance on the sinners who did these things, the psalmist took his anger and even hate to God and left it in His hands to determine what the right thing to do with these sinners was. The question we need to ask in the face of this psalm is not really whether it is right to have this kind of anger for someone (that is a good question for another time). The question we need to ask in the face of this psalm is when I have this kind of anger and even hatred, what do I do with it? The right answer is to take it to God in prayer and let God decide how to deal with the sinners, just as we are glad He decided how to deal with us in our sins.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 98-102.

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The Long Game

Today’s reading is Psalms 90-93.

I’m a terrible chess player. I can possibly think two moves ahead, but that’s about it. Why on earth would I ever think I know best how to run life or the world? And yet far too often, having seen one or two moves ahead, I can’t understand why God is letting things happen the way He is. I can imagine Joseph didn’t quite understand when he was in the pit or Moses when he was in the wilderness or David when he was hiding out in the cave. But God can see the end from the beginning. More than that, He isn’t working on my time table. Time is meaningless to Him: a day, a thousand years, they’re pretty much the same to Him. Therefore, though I don’t understand everything that will happen today, I do trust that God has control of the long game, and He will win. I’m staying on His side.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 94-97.

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