Today’s reading is Psalm 107.

Do you know what bugs me? When I searched my graphics sites for an accompanying picture about Giving Thanks to God, every last one of them were in an Autumn color scheme. Not a single one had a summer color scheme. It is almost as if they expect us to only talk about giving thanks around Thanksgiving. But if today’s psalm teaches us anything it is that thanksgiving is a year round practice for those putting God first. Considering all He has done to deliver, save, and redeem us, how could we do any less. Have you thanked God today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 108-111.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, may I share a great habit to start while you are young? Take a moment at the beginning of your day to make a list of 10 things you are thankful to God for. Perhaps today you are thankful just for being able to wake up, for your parents, for your favorite toy, for an opportunity to serve someone else, for your Bible, for this blog (yeah, I know, I’m shameless). Anyway, this golden list of gratitude will do one really important thing for you. It will remind you God really isn’t picking on you. He really is caring for you. What will you thank God for today?

Photo from Graceway Media