Today’s reading is Psalm 106.

I admit it. Psalm 106 shocks me. Again and again Israel sinned and rebelled. Again and again God punished them. Again and again Israel called on God to save them. Again and again God did. At some point, I would say, “I’ve done this too many times. There is no point seeking forgiveness again.” Yet, Israel asked again. That is what this psalm is, Israel in captivity asking for forgiveness and deliverance. Considering the psalm made it into the hymnal, God gave it to them again. Of course, none of this is permission to keep turning back to sin, but it is permission to keep turning back to God. Praise the Lord!

Today’s reading is Psalm 107.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, for some reason, people get the wrong impression about God. Folks have the idea God is in His heavenly abode looking for opportunities to zap people with punishment. Today’s psalm demonstrates the reality. Certainly, God does judge those who rebel against Him, but He is actually looking for opportunities to forgive, save, and deliver people. As I told your parents, that isn’t permission to go after sin. But if you have, always remember, God doesn’t want to cast you into judgment, He wants you back. Always turn back.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media