Today’s reading is Psalms 98-102.

As Psalm 102 ends we learn the world is old and, being created by God’s hand, pretty stable. However, being created by God, we need to see that God is greater than the world. In this life, we have two choices. We can either serve God as the creator and giver of all gifts, including the world, or we can pursue, serve, and worship the gifts, including the world. However, really there is only one option. That is, only one option with eternal benefit. All the gifts wear out and fade away and pass on. God, however, endures forever. Always choose God.

Tomorrow’s’s reading is Psalms 103-104.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids,Psalm 101 is profound. As we walk through this life we have two options every day. We can spend our time looking at and thinking about what is worthless or what is blameless. When we focus on what is worthless, it will make us worthless. When we focus on God’s blameless way, we will grow. What will you think about and look at today?

Photo adapted from Graceway Media