Today’s reading is Psalms 94-97.

I get it, when the Psalmists ask God to repay the proud with judgment, it gives us pause. We’re Christians, taught to forgive and bless even our enemies. How can this be a biblical prayer? What I think we should notice is what the psalmist decided to do with all this anger toward the proud who killed the widow, the sojourner, and the fatherless? Instead of taking vengeance on the sinners who did these things, the psalmist took his anger and even hate to God and left it in His hands to determine what the right thing to do with these sinners was. The question we need to ask in the face of this psalm is not really whether it is right to have this kind of anger for someone (that is a good question for another time). The question we need to ask in the face of this psalm is when I have this kind of anger and even hatred, what do I do with it? The right answer is to take it to God in prayer and let God decide how to deal with the sinners, just as we are glad He decided how to deal with us in our sins.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 98-102.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, have you ever wondered what makes for good singing? Perhaps Psalm 95:1-2 gives us the number one key. Joyful noise. The key to good worship singing is not musical aptitude, not volume, not dynamics, it is joy. It is feeling what is being sung. We can get the tune and words right and never worship. But if we get the joy right, we will have worshiped even if we got the notes all wrong. Please remember that as you grow up. Don’t ever hold back from singing even when the best you can do is make a joyful noise; that is all God is asking from you. And that is what He deserves most.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media