Today’s reading is Psalms 90-93.

I’m a terrible chess player. I can possibly think two moves ahead, but that’s about it. Why on earth would I ever think I know best how to run life or the world? And yet far too often, having seen one or two moves ahead, I can’t understand why God is letting things happen the way He is. I can imagine Joseph didn’t quite understand when he was in the pit or Moses when he was in the wilderness or David when he was hiding out in the cave. But God can see the end from the beginning. More than that, He isn’t working on my time table. Time is meaningless to Him: a day, a thousand years, they’re pretty much the same to Him. Therefore, though I don’t understand everything that will happen today, I do trust that God has control of the long game, and He will win. I’m staying on His side.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 94-97.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you catch Psalm 92:1? “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.” Yes it is. Can you think of some things you could thank God for today? Are you breathing? Have you eaten? Are you wearing clothes? Do you own a Bible that you were able to read? Do you have parents? Do you have parents who are encouraging you to read the Bible and this blog? These are just a start. May I encourage you to spend some time today making a list of all the things you could thank God for today. Then actually thank Him.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media