Today’s reading is Psalms 87-89.

Have you ever read Psalm 88 before? It’s a bit of a shocker. Heman is mad. And he is mad at God. He really feels like God has not done what He said He would. He accuses God of not only being against him, but turning all his friends against him. As much concern and distress as this psalm has caused me trying to figure out how anyone could every pray this, I am stopped by the fact that this psalm is still there. That means Heman, despite all his anger and angst toward God, still prayed. Why? Because for all his anxiety, he knew one thing. God is still the God of salvation. He is therefore the only place to turn. No matter what happens, keep turning to God.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 90-93.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, read Psalm 89 again and again and again. Learn one of its great messages. There is no one like God. No superhero on a movie who claims to be a god is like Yahweh our God. No made up and mythological super being is like Yahweh our God. No imagined deity dwelling in the stars is like Yahweh our God. Remember that always and never, ever leave Him no matter what else is happening.

Photo from Graceway Media