Today’s reading is Psalms 79-82.

Amazing! Why did Asaph want salvation, deliverance, and atonement? Because of God’s name and reputation. Oh sure, Asaph wanted freedom from the punishment and struggle he was facing. But Asaph knew there was no good reason within himself for which God should save him. There was no reason within Asaph for which his name should be glorified through salvation and deliverance. Rather, the reason was in God. I’m not there yet. May I grow, by God’s grace, to the point that I want to be saved for the sake of God’s glory, not my own, for the sake of His name, not my own. May God be glorified!

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 83-86.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, a consistent them in today’s psalms is seeking God’s forgiveness. Israel had sinned. They had rebelled. God was punishing them. But even in the midst of that punishment, they cried out for mercy, deliverance, and salvation. What an amazing God we have. Though we deserve punishment unto death and destruction, God, for the sake of His own glory, wants to save us even from His wrath which we deserve. No doubt, this is not permission to sin, but it is permission to turn back to God if you have fallen. Praise the Lord!

Photo from Graceway Media