Today’s reading is Psalm 78.

Despite all of God’s leadership and guidance, Israel rebelled again and again and again. did God simply cast them off and forget about them? No. He gave them a king to shepherd them: David. Despite all God has done for us, we have rebelled again and again and again. Has God simply cast us off and forgotten about us? No. He has provided a king to shepherd us: Jesus. The question is will we listen to the voice of our Shepherd or will we abandon Him. Only you get to decide that.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 79-82.

A Word for Our Kids

Are you as shocked as I am that Israel kept rebelling against God despite all the signs and demonstrations He gave them? This answers a question for me that I hope you figure out long before you grow up. Lots of people think if God would just do some amazing miracle and phenomenal sign today, then people everywhere would follow Him. Yet, the few times God did perform amazing signs, some people believed and most rebelled. It seems they were no better off having seen the sign of the plagues and Red Sea than we are having the written testimony of the resurrection. The reality is it takes faith. And even when people have amazing signs, many of them still refuse faith. Therefore, don’t be surprised when God no longer responds to people’s requests for signs. He has given us Christ’s resurrection and that is  enough. Believe it and surrender to the one whose resurrection demonstrates He is King.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media