Today’s reading is Psalm 75-77.

In Psalm 77, Asaph was struggling. He was facing some ongoing trial, and though he prayed, God seemed to be ignoring him. He even wondered if God had completely forgotten him. Have you been there? How did Asaph come back from this pit? He remembered. He remembered the defining deliverance of God for Israel, making a path for them through the sea, leading Israel by Moses and Aaron on dry ground though God Himself was unseen. I don’t know what is going on in your life right now, but if you ever begin to think God has forgotten you, remember. But we do not remember the parting of the sea, we remember the cross, the burial, and the rolling away of the stone. God has not forgotten you, He has provided you all you need in His Son on the cross. Hang on to Him no matter what.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 78.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I was sharing with your parents. Some people mistakenly think being a Christian means all of life becomes easy. Not so. But we have something that can carry us through all of life even when it is hard. We know that God went through greater hardship for us. In the person of Jesus, He went to the cross, suffering for us in ways we can hardly imagine. Whether times are good or bad, remember God’s love for you in Jesus on the cross.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media