Today’s reading is 1 John 2-3.

Did you catch the contrast? Love and hate. John wasn’t saying only murderers are haters, but rather haters are murderers. In contrast, those who love, rather than murdering others, sacrifice themselves. But then John explains that when we can help others but refuse to, we don’t love them but hate them. That makes us murderers. Wow! When I hear that I want to rebel against it. But then I remember Jesus on the cross and know that Jesus isn’t asking anything of me He wasn’t first willing to give. Praise the Lord, let’s work on love today.

Today’s reading is 1 John 4-5.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what John said about lying. Lying is of the devil. You may think it is small. You may think it is just to keep you out of trouble. You may think it doesn’t really matter. However, John makes it clear. Tell the truth. Be honest. It is true that the truth can get you in trouble sometimes, but lying is always worse. Be honest.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media