Today’s reading is James 5 and 1 John 1.

I admit James 5:12 has always surprised me. Before all, we are supposed to not take oaths? Really? When James considered everything he had already said about wisdom, perseverance, partiality, holiness, etc. he thought prohibiting oaths was the primary thing? Why? Because the issue is not with actually taking oaths, but the character that makes taking oaths necessary. Instead of taking oaths, he says we need to mean what we say. Yes must mean yes and no must mean no. Why is that above all? Because the unbridled tongue defiles everything (James 1:26); the unbridled tongue is a world of unrighteousness that defiles the body and sets our lives on fire (James 3:6); insincerity and hypocrisy are earthly, spiritual, and demonic (James 3:13-17); we need to resist the devil the father of lies and instead draw near to God with a pure heart and a single mind (James 4:7-8). The sincere telling of the truth is what James is all about. So, before all, tell the truth or expect judgment.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 John 2-3.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents. I know there are many things you need to pay attention to today. There are many things you need to do to obey God today. If you want to go a long way to getting all of that right, start by always telling the truth. Honesty is one of God’s greatest desires. That really shouldn’t surprise us because the devil is the father of lies but Jesus is the truth who will set us free. Don’t toy with the truth, tell the truth…always.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media.