Today’s reading is James 3-4.

Get out your planner. Write in your goals. Fill out your projects. Schedule your appointments. List your daily tasks. But never forget this. It will all happen that way only if the Lord wills. Planning is great, and you need to do it. Always remember, however, to put God in the beginning of your plans because He is the one in charge.

Tomorrow’s reading is James 5 and 1 John 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, while the quarrels and fights James is talking about at the beginning of James 4 is between spiritual brethren, the principle is true for the fights you have with your siblings and with your parents. Where do they start? Your desires. In the moment that you are willing to fight, there is something you are wanting more than God. In that wanting, you are willing to sacrifice your relationship with your siblings or your parents on the altar of whatever you desire. Don’t do that. Long for God above all and through that pursue peace with your family.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media