Today’s reading is 2 Thessalonians 2-3.

There are two extreme mistakes people make. The first is believing they have sinned so badly they cannot repent and turn back to God. That simply isn’t true. No matter what you have done, you can turn back to God today. We’d love to help. The second is believing that no matter what you do today it will be just as easy to repent tomorrow and turn back to God. The problem is the more I reject God’s truth today, the more He’ll let me believe strong delusions tomorrow. Please be aware, it will never be easier than today to turn to God. Don’t put it off. If you are away from God, turn to His truth; it will set you free.

Tomorrow’s reading is James 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you catch Paul’s example that is so different from the world? In our culture, people are always up in arms about demanding their rights. Paul however pointed out that he was far more concerned about what would benefit the Thessalonians. He had the right to demand the Thessalonians support him financially, but in this case he let his rights go in order to serve the Thessalonians and help them see Jesus. As you grow up, keep in mind that our culture’s cry for “my rights” is the exact opposite of Jesus who gave up His rights to benefit others.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media