Today’s reading is Daniel 5-6.

Do you ever wonder why God seemed to be so patient with Nebuchadnezzar, giving him multiple opportunities to repent, but with the first infraction brought Belshazzar to ruin? Is it possible that Belshazzar, having grown up on the stories of Nebuchadnezzar was actually supposed to learn from him? All too often, we view it as a kind of right of passage to get to make my own mistakes and learn my own lessons. Wouldn’t we be better off, however, if we let someone else go through the hard knocks and we learn the lessons from their example? God seemed to think so when he judged Belshazzar immediately. Certainly, there are lessons we will likely only learn through our own hard knocks, but perhaps we should look around us and listen to others and see if we can’t learn from theirs instead. You might begin by learning the lessons God taught Nebuchadnezzar and Belshazzar.

Tomorrow’s reading is Daniel 7-8.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I’ve always been impressed by Daniel in the account of the lion’s den. Certainly, I was impressed with his faith in God to stop the lions’ mouths. I was also impressed with his commitment to prayer even though it might cost him his life. But I was also impressed with his work ethic. Even though he was captive in a foreign nation, he has now spent somewhere around 70 years working for these foreign kings in a God-glorifying way. He was doing such a great job his enemies searched and searched for an excuse to get him in trouble, but they couldn’t find one. They couldn’t find him doing anything he wasn’t supposed to and they couldn’t find something he was supposed to be doing that he was neglecting. As you grow up, how about approaching your studies and work in just that same God-glorifying way. Don’t give anyone the ability to ridicule or undermine you because you are not doing your work at your dead-level best. Be like Daniel.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media