Today’s reading is Proverbs 24-25.

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles,
lest the Lord see it and be displeased,
and turn away his anger from him.”
Proverbs 24:17-18

As far as I can tell, there is only one way to actually pull this off. We have to learn to love our enemies. Only when we love our enemies will we refrain from joy at their struggles, stumbles, and falls. When we love our enemy, we are trying to bring them to repentance so they can be saved from falling. This, by the way, is not saying, “Keep your joy secret and to yourself.” It is actually saying we should be sad at the demise of our enemies. And again, that gets us back to loving our enemies, praying for those who misuse us. Only then will we live by this proverb.

Tomorrow’s reading is Proverbs 26-27.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you read what I said to your parents? A later proverb takes it a step further. “Do not say, ‘I will do to him as he has done to me; I will pay the man back for what he has done'” (Proverbs 24:29). When we love our enemies, not only do we not rejoice when they fall, we don’t try to cause their fall. No matter how they treat us, we treat them the way we want to be treated, not the way they have treated us. Isn’t this how God treats us? Rather than treating us the way we have treated Him, He sent Jesus to live as one of us, die for us, and then rise to deliver us.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media