Today’s reading is Proverbs 8-9.

We know fear is the beginning of wisdom. We know humility is the key to wisdom. In Proverbs 9:8, we learn the litmus test for wisdom. The wise can take reproof. And oh, I have a long way to go. But there it is. How do you react when someone disagrees with you? How do you react when someone reproves or instructs or challenges you? If you scoff, ridicule, dismiss, then you are pretty much a fool, a scoffer, and a wicked person (Solomon’s words, not mine). But if you love the one who reproves, learning still more, and becoming more wise, you are one of the wise. Let’s grow together on this one.

Tomorrow’s reading is Proverbs 10-11.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, “Stolen water is sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant” (Proverbs 9:17). At least that is what Folly says. When I read this verse I always think of my youngest brother. When he was little, probably around 10, we caught him hiding behind the chair in the living room eating a Twinkie. You could see it in his eyes, it was a find, it was wonderful, not because Twinkies are all that great but because he was getting away with something. The problem is you never get away with it for long. Sure, a 10-year-old sneaking a Twinkie may not be a big deal, but don’t buy into this idea that the forbidden fruit is better than the blessing God offers. Wisdom has great food and drink to offer; it will satisfy and won’t come back to bite you down the road. Don’t listen to folly, her food and drink taste great in the moment, but in the end are poison.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media