Today’s reading is Proverbs 6-7.

Certainly, all sins are the same in the eyes of God; but we are not simply living before the eyes of God. According to Proverbs 6:30-35, all sins are not equal in the sight of men. If you steal a man’s food when you are hungry, when you repay, he will not despise you. If you steal a man’s wife, though you multiply gifts, don’t be surprised when he hates you forever. I know, we are to forgive as Christ forgave us. But let us never forget our sins have earthly consequences as well, don’t be surprised when men and women view the betrayal of adultery differently than gossip and tail-bearing. Don’t be surprised when men and women view murder differently than cheating on your taxes. Even the proverbialist saw a difference. I don’t say this to make any who have already committed these sins feel even more guilty, but rather to warn those who are thinking of them. Go ahead and ask those who have committed these sins if what this proverb says isn’t true.

Tomorrow’s reading is Proverbs 8-9.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, ants are amazing, the proverbialist tells us. They are industrious workers. They work when they can. They prepare when they can. They don’t wait around to be commanded to work. They simply do their work. When the time comes that they can’t work and prepare, they are cared for by their preparation. That is a gift from God. Remember that as you grow up.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media