Today’s reading is Esther 7-8.

I wonder how many people today even know the phrase “Hung on his own gallows” is actually a Bible phrase? Many today often lose sight of the Biblical origins of many statements. Let us never forget Haman hanging on his own gallows because he is a lesson to us all. Whatever we build to attack and fight against God will eventually be turned against us. If we will fight against God we cannot win no matter how large a gallows we build. Be reconciled to Jesus who hung on His own cross for you or you will hang on your own gallows.

Tomorrow’s reading is Esther 9-10 and Proverbs 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see it? I told you last week to watch for God in this book that never mentions Him. Did you see Him? Even the enemies figured out if you fight against the Jews, you can’t win? Why would they say that about a people in captivity? Because they knew about this people’s God. Mordecai said even if Esther would step into the gap, deliverance would come from somewhere. Why could he say that? Because he knew it wasn’t about Esther but about the God who could use her. On the list could go. Remember, even when we can’t see or don’t know what God is doing, He is working on behalf of His people. Trust Him and stay on His side.

Photo from Graceway Media