Today’s reading is Esther 5-6.

Esther was frightened to go into Ahasuerus’s presence. What if he didn’t extend the golden scepter? She would die. No one, not even the queen, had the right to approach the king unsummoned. When I read this account, it makes me think of prayer–what prayer should really be like, all things being equal. Truly, when we call out to Yahweh, the King of the Universe, we ought to be scared out of our minds because we have no right to come into His presence. When sinful people like us deign to call on God’s name, we ought to be struck down for our impertinence. Yet, our King has, in fact, summoned us, extending His golden scepter by the sacrifice of Jesus. Let us not take for granted the truly amazing privilege of prayer, but be thankful for God’s open door. And let’s use that open door to grow closer to Him.

Tomorrow’s reading is Esther 7-8.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you caught what Haman’s wife said to him once they grasped the profound nature of Mordecai as one of the Jewish people. During that covenant period, they were God’s people. When someone fought against the Jews, they were actually fighting against God. They could possibly beat the Jews, but they could not beat the Jewish God. That is the same for Christians today as God’s present spiritual Israel. When people take on Christ’s church, they aren’t attacking the people, they are attacking God. And there is no way they can win. Always be on God’s side. That is the only place there is true victory.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media