Today’s reading is 2 Peter 2-3.

Do you ever wonder why God continues to let every evil thing that is happening in this world continue? Peter makes it clear–God is waiting for you (2 Peter 3:9). He continues to let every evil thing that is happening in this world continue because if He were to do something about it, He’d have to judge you along with the evil world, and He doesn’t want you to perish. He’s waiting for you to come to repentance. “But I’ve already repented,” you say. Well then, He is waiting for someone who is just like you. Will you begrudge God His patience for others just like He was patient with you? Will you begrudge those others the same time to repent that God gave you? Surely not. Praise the patient Lord for His patience and salvation!

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 Corinthians 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, please learn and remember what I just shared with your parents. One of the greatest complaints skeptics and atheists (people who don’t believe in God) make against God is all the evil going on in the world, claiming God must not exist or He would do something about all that evil. Don’t buy it. Evil is in the world because God is patient, wanting to save you and everyone else. Sadly, not everyone will respond, so sin and trouble will continue, but so does salvation through Jesus Christ. At least these will continue until God finally does bring the end, doing something about all that sin. Even more sadly, many who were so upset that God hasn’t done anything about all the sin in the world are going to be even more upset when He finally does and they are on the wrong end of His judgment. Don’t be one of those. Believe in Him; Believe Him. Hang on to Him no matter what, and be ready for that judgment day.

Photo by Graceway Media