Today’s reading is 1 Peter 3-4.

It just doesn’t seem right. It shouldn’t happen this way. We’re saved and doing right, but we’re still suffering. Yet, Peter explains that we do suffer for righteousness’ sake. Really, we shouldn’t be surprised. Look at Jesus. He was perfect, always doing what was right. If anyone should have been protected from suffering, it was Him. However, He suffered far more than any of us, and He did it all for us. Therefore, when you are suffering, hang on to Him, He will save you.

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 Peter 5 and 2 Peter 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I’m sure you read what I said to your parents. Let me add to that by saying that Peter points out we shouldn’t fear those who cause our suffering. That sounds odd, doesn’t it. I mean, they are causing us to suffer. I’m kind of afraid of suffering. What is Peter’s point? He is reminding us that suffering here on earth is not eternal. We may suffer for a time, but if we are in Christ the suffering will be followed by eternal joy in God’s presence. We don’t have to fear that present suffering means we are lost; we can still look forward to heaven because no amount of suffering here will change that. Praise the Lord!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media