Today’s reading is 1 Peter 1-2.

The Living Stone was rejected by men. Why would we who are being built together like living stones expect anything less? I admit it; I hate rejection. One of the worst things in the world for me is to think someone doesn’t like me or someone thinks I’m ignorant or foolish. Because of that, I can tend toward people pleasing. But when I do that, I become a dying stone. Like living stones, let us build and be built on the Rock who was rejected by men but laid as the Chief Cornerstone. Certainly, this doesn’t mean going out of our way to be rejected. Rather, let us walk with Jesus, as He walked, and take what His enemies give us with joy and contentment in Him. Then, God will build us into a great sanctuary in which He can and will dwell. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow’s reading is 1 Peter 3-4.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, as you grow up watching to tv, listening to the radio, frequenting stores, surfing the net, the enemy is going to parade before you sparkling delights and shiny toys to distract you from what is truly awesome. You can become filled with all kinds of desires for the goods and pleasures found in this world, losing sight of the true treasures that belong to the next world. Take care. Everything from this world fades, breaks, rots, crumbles. God wants to save us for an inherited treasure that never fades, breaks, rots, or crumbles. But you must put your faith in Him and in His treasure. I’m not saying you are never allowed to play with your toys. I am saying remember where the true, unfading, eternal treasure lies and keep your goal set on it.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media