Today’s reading is Psalms 69-72.

I hear so many today explain why they quit praying. Things were going poorly in life. Enemies abounded. Family members betrayed them. Loved one got sick and died. Their battle against sin didn’t go easily. So they gave up on God. But read the psalms like the ones in our reading today and see how the psalmists reacted in these times. Though they had enemies and trouble, they turned with even more fervor to God. Hard times do not mean God isn’t out there, they mean we need Him even more. Though today is anything but what I want it to be, still will I pray to the only God of salvation and deliverance. How about you?

Monday’s reading is 1 Peter 1-2.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, we’re going to take a break from the psalms for a couple of weeks. I hope this foray into Biblical poetry has been exciting for you. I hope you have enjoyed the word play and the poetic imagery. While each individual psalm may take us in any number of directions, whether because the psalm was a praise or a lament or look at Israel’s history or a prayer for the king, there is one common theme I hope you noticed. Yahweh is the God of salvation and deliverance. Do not hope in or turn to anything else as your refuge, strength, power, and salvation. Hang on to God no matter what.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media