Today’s reading is Psalms 61-65.

Isn’t it amazing we get to say that? “O God, you are my God!” Yahweh lets us have Him as God. Psalm 63 is a goal for me. “My flesh faints for you.” “My soul thirsts for you.” Regrettably, too often I’m fainting and thirsting for something other than God. I want to say along with David that God is my greatest desire, that the thought of being separated from God is unbearable. God’s steadfast love is better than life, therefore I want God more than I even want life. Are you there yet? Let’s encourage each other to get there.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 66-68.

A Word for our Kids

Hey kids, what do you want most when you grow up? Can I encourage you to focus your desire on God? Cool cars are nice. Big houses are neat. Great gadgets are…well…great. But none of them will keep your soul for all eternity. God loves you so much He sent Jesus to die for you. How can you love anything else out there more than the one who did that for you? Focus on Him as you grow up. He is the only desire that truly satisfies.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media