Today’s reading is Psalms 45-48.

I know the sons of Korah were referring to Jerusalem on Mt. Zion during the time of the kings in Psalm 48. But actually, that’s our city. The writer of Hebrews says when we have come to Christ’s church, we have come to Mt. Zion, the city of the Living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. Psalm 48 is our city, our church. Notice its elevation, its beauty, its benefit to all the earth. Notice the terror it inspires in its enemies. Notice the direction God will give forever. That is our city. Let’s make sure our patriotism begins with that city because it is the only city God will save.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 49-51.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you read what I shared with your parents about Christ’s church being the city of God? Look at Psalm 48 again. As you grow up, you’ll see plenty of times in which it simply won’t look like the church’s enemies are in terror of God and His church. There are plenty of times in which the enemies really do believe they have the upper hand. However, we know the truth. No matter what it looks like in any particular moment, God always wins. His city always reigns victorious. Don’t leave God’s city, it is the only city God will save in the end. All others will fall and be destroyed.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media