Today’s reading is Psalms 38-40.

Psalm 38 provides me amazing comfort and hope. Like David in this psalm, I am always completely aware of my own sinfulness. I am painfully aware how my own sinfulness has led to my own suffering and the negative side effects in my life. Often, as I’m dealing with those side-effects, I believe I have no right to ask for relief or help from God because I got myself into this mess by ignoring Him in the past. Yet, what does David do? He prays. This is obviously not permission to sin, but it is permission to turn to God even when dealing with the consequences of my sins. Praise the Lord for that!

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalm 41-44.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, if there is something that ties the three psalms we read today together, it is this: God is the deliverer. Salvation is in Him. There is no other place to turn. Perhaps I’m in a situation of my own making because of my own sin. Perhaps I’m in a situation of someone else’s making because of their sin. Perhaps I’m in a situation that is just that, a natural situation. In any even, God is my salvation. There is hope nowhere else and in no one else. Wherever you find yourself, turn to God. He will deliver.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media