Today’s reading is Psalms 34-35.

We have enemies. Satan and Sin stalk us at every turn. But we have a Contender who fights on our side. The problem for many of us is not that we don’t have a Contender. The problem is most of us leave him in the corner and try to fight the fight on our own. Like David, let us call the Contender into the ring. Let us hide under His sheltering wing. Let us let Him win the fight. That, of course, doesn’t mean sitting on our hands, but it does mean following His lead in all things. He is our salvation when we let Him be our Contender.

Monday’s reading is Psalm 36-37.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, you may notice something odd in a lot of the psalms. It may really surprise you as you read them. In many psalms, the psalmists talk about bad things happening to them over and over again. Sometimes they even sound like they are upset with God about them. However, notice that very consistently (though there are exceptions), the psalmists get back around to expressing their faith that even though life is hard at the moment, God is good and will care for them in the end. As shocking as some of these psalms are, keep in mind that the psalmists were still praying, they weren’t abandoning God. Remember that when things are going poorly for you. God is still there, and you can still pray to Him. Keep reading and keep praying.

Photo from Graceway Media