Today’s reading is Psalms 31-33.

Oh man, Psalm 32:8-9 jabs me right in the flank. Don’t be like a horse or mule, God says, that has to have a bit and bridle to stay near Him. The stubborn horse and mule do not trust their owner, but constantly are trying to get away, to run free, to munch on the green grass, to chase the filly or jehny. They have to be penned and bridled. Of course, the stubborn horse can be broken and that may be what it takes for us. May we always trust God, put Him first, and be the servant that seeks to draw near to Him without bit or bridle, without tether or rope. He will counsel us, teach us, instruct us; let us listen.

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 34-35.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you read what I wrote to your parents? Some children are like stubborn mules and horses. Their parents have to chase them around because they won’t listen and won’t stay close. They are forever trying to get away. That’s not surprising from toddlers, but as you grow up, that should diminish. Remember, the way you treat your parents is an indicator of how you treat God because they are the ones God has put in your life to lead you to Him. Don’t be a stubborn, bucking bronco.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media