Today’s reading is Psalms 19-22.

Psalm 19 always makes me stop and evaluate. I want to be able to sing it and pray it. God’s Word is more to be desired than gold. If I was in a room with a pile of cash and God’s Word, would I really prefer God’s Word over the cash? I’m hard pressed to answer that one. Of course, I can probably answer that question if I know that I make it to work every day, but don’t get into His Word every day. Oh no. Today, I’m going to pray that God will strengthen me to make this prayer true in my heart and mind. How about you?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 23-26.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you read what I shared with your parents. Develop your love and appreciation for God’s Word now. Keep up your reading, your studying, your hiding it in your heart. Don’t put it off. Keep your heart in God’s Word, and keep God’s Word in your heart. Even if you don’t always understand it, developing this passion and desire now will only help you now and later. By the way, the only way to develop that passion is to just get in it, learn it, be amazed by it. You’ll never grow to love it if it stays closed up on the coffee table. So keep reading with us, it really will change your life and your heart.

Photo from Graceway Media