Today’s reading is Psalm 18.

We have enemies. Satan and sin attack. The rulers, authorities, cosmic powers of this present darkness, spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places are arrayed against us. At times, we it may seem like enough to simply give up and give in, go with the flow of our sin and just hope for the best in the end. But there is no need. When we take refuge in Him, God trains us for the fight. He makes us battle trained and war ready. By Him, we can run against the enemy no matter how he is arrayed against us. Don’t give up, rather keep up the fight today. God will hold up your hands as you run to Him for refuge.

Monday’s reading is Psalms 19-22.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, have you ever played king of the hill? That’s the game where someone stand on top of a mound or small hill and defends it against any who would attack. The person who is able to stay on the hill, pushing down and knocking of all others is the king of the hill. David explains, our God is king of the hill. That is the picture of the rock, refuge, fortress, strong and mighty tower. He has taken the hill and no one can take it from Him. Therefore, we can run to Him for protection and refuge. In time of distress and attack from the enemy, we can turn to the Lord for strength and salvation. He is the king of the hill and none of our enemies can knock Him off. Praise the Lord!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media