Today’s reading is Psalms 1-5.

I have no idea why the psalms are put in the order they are, but I ‘m pretty sure I know why Psalm 1 is first. It is the doorway to all the psalms. In fact, to all Scripture. There are two people, on two ways, going to two destinations. The wicked walking the way of sinners to death and the blessed walking the way of the Lord to life. The first listens to men, following the path laid out by those who scoff at God’s Word. The second listens to God, meditating upon and listening to His Word, following His path. There is a fork in your road. If you choose a bad beginning, you’ll get the bad end. Which path will you choose?

Tomorrow’s reading is Psalms 6-9.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I know the psalms are tough. As we start reading them, try not to get too bogged down in all the details. There is a time to dig deep, but for now, let me encourage you just to let these psalms wash over you. What I mean by that is just let the imagery play through your mind. Envision the images the word pictures excite  in your mind. Can you see the two paths at the foot of the psalmist in Psalm 1? Can you envision nations raging in the face of God in Psalm 2? Can you see the Lord as a shield around David in Psalm 3? As you go through the psalms for the first time, just revel in the imagery in your mind’s eye, letting those pictures sink in so you can study more deeply later. Enjoy your first trip through the psalms.

Photo from Graceway Media