Today’s reading is Colossians 3-4.

When God is in the beginning of our lives, He is in the beginning of our minds. He is the thought that wakes us up and comforts us as we go to sleep. His things are our constant mental companions. The events of this world do not control us because we are settled and satiated by the peace of God that dwells in our hearts and minds. Our life is hidden with Christ in God. He is our life. Therefore, He is our thoughts. Everything is colored by our thinking of Him. And though you are probably like me, saying you are not quite to this level of constant meditation yet, what a glorious way to live and be comforted. And so we strive to set our minds on God and on things above.

Monday’s reading is Psalms 1-5

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, have you ever wondered what it means to do something in the name of the Lord Jesus? It doesn’t mean that you do something while shouting Jesus’s name. It actually doesn’t even mean that you do something while saying, “In the name of Jesus.” This may be surprising to you, but just because someone says, “I do this in the name of Jesus,” doesn’t necessarily mean she is. Doing something in Jesus’s name means actually doing it by His permission and authority. It means doing something because you know fully, based on His Word, that He allows, even wants, you to do it. It’s okay to say, “I’m doing this in Jesus’s name.” However, when you say that, make sure it is really true.

Photo from Graceway Media