Today’s reading is Acts 26-27.

I wonder who believed Paul’s message that everyone would survive the shipwreck while they were trying to swim to shore or scrambling to find a piece or plank to hang on to for dear life? And yet, it seems everyone either swam or did hang on. What good did that do? It did all the good in the world because God was saving everyone of them. What a great picture of saving grace. These men did not save themselves through their swimming or hanging on. If God hadn’t been saving them, they would have drowned. However, because God was saving them, their swimming and hanging on mattered. If you are in Christ, God is saving you, so keep swimming or scrambling to hang on. He’ll get you to the shore, so keep heading for the shore.

Monday’s reading is Acts 28 and Philemon.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, if God wanted Paul in Rome so badly, why couldn’t He just do for Paul what He did for Philip in Acts 8:39-40, carrying him away so that he simply found himself in Rome? Why take Paul through the imprisonment and the shipwreck and all the hardship that went along with them? Of course, God could have done that. But then who would have preached to Felix, Festus, and Agrippa? Who would have demonstrated the power of God to the centurion and the other passengers? Who would have shown the power of God on the island of Malta? And, of course, we have no idea what all of this did to actually build up and grow Paul even more. Sometimes God will bless us by whisking us away from travel pains and sometimes He blesses us by making us go through them. Either way, count your blessings because God is doing what is best for you and will most glorify Him.Praise the Lord!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media