Today’s reading is Acts 22-23.

Some folks have the idea that the default view is strict unbelief in all things Biblical, especially the parts that are miraculous and supernatural. Surely, there was no bright light or heavenly vision on the way to Damascus. And yet, disbelief is not in a vacuum. Rather, it actually means belief in something else. If you disbelieve Saul of Tarsus saw the heavenly vision of Jesus on the road to persecute Christians in Damascus, you have to ask what you actually believe did happen? What happened on that road causing a fast-tracking, successful, Pharisee on the road to being a leader of the Jews headed towards fame, accolades, praise, and ease among his people to willingly become one of the persecuted who would live in poverty and suffering, ultimately dying for his change of heart? Do not lightly dismiss the conversion of Saul the persecutor to Paul the persecuted. Something happened on that road. Can you make sense of it apart from the heavenly vision that Saul claimed it to be? I can’t, so I am glad to surrender to the same Lord I believe appeared to Saul and changed his life, letting Him change mine as well.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 24-25.

A Word For Our Kids

Hey kids, did you hear what the Roman centurion said Paul when Paul claimed to be a Roman citizen? “I bought this citizenship for a large sum.” The centurion had been from one of the enslaved nations, but bought his way into the Roman kingdom with a large deal of money. Keep this in mind because this is how people made their way into the Roman Empire. They were either born into it, had it conferred upon them because they performed some great deed in service to Rome, or they bought their way in with large quantities of money. This is what makes the empire of Christ so amazing. We aren’t born into, nor do we buy our way into it with deeds or money. Rather, we are reborn into it through the blood of Jesus Christ whose great deed in our service pays the way into His kingdom. What an amazing Emperor and King we have in Jesus. Hang on to Him; He is the only way.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media