Today’s reading is Acts 20-21.

Paul did not shrink from preaching the whole counsel of God. What a great stand. And yet, today it occurs to me that while that is good for him, it is only good for me if I refuse to shrink from hearing the whole counsel. That’s tough. I’m not sure I’m going to like the whole counsel. There may be some things I’ve never thought about. It may ask me to do some hard things. It may ask me to change my opinions and beliefs. Most of the time, I only want to hear what I’ve always heard or always already believed. But if I’m going to put God first, I must not shrink back from hearing the whole counsel of God.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 22-23.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I’m going to warn you. Things are about to get kind of dark for Paul.He’s going to be arrested, mistreated, threatened. Yet, pay attention to the Word of God for the rest of the book. Paul will be hindered, but shockingly the Word won’t. In fact, in Paul’s suffering the Word of God will be proclaimed before more and greater people. Remember, the main protagonist (that is, the main good guy in the story) is not actually Paul, but God’s Word. Even when Paul is suffering, God’s Word is winning. Remember that in your life. Our goal is not to live without suffering, but to always promote God’s Word and be glad when that happens, even if it takes our suffering to do so.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media