Today’s reading is Acts 16-17.

Did you notice Paul was not preaching Jesus and the Crucifixion, but Jesus and the Resurrection? Now, don’t misunderstand, the death of Jesus is utterly important. However, I am fascinated by the fact that in the book of Acts, what is most proclaimed is not the atoning death of Jesus, but the enthroning resurrection. Peter, Stephen, and Paul all want us to know Jesus deserves to be king of our lives because He didn’t merely die, He conquered death. If He is the ruler over death, then by right He is the ruler over us as well. He must be our Lord, our Master, our King. Putting God first doesn’t just mean giving some kind of mental lip-service to His sovereignty; it means letting Him be our sovereign King. He has that right, let’s submit to Him before and above all others in our lives.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 18-19.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, learn Paul’s real lesson against idolatry. Don’t think he is merely concerned with making statues that people claim are God or even representations of Him. The problem is remaking God from our imagination and art. Whether we remake Him as a statue or not, if we remake Him in our own minds, redefining our relationship with Him, we are guilty of the exact same sin these Gentiles were committing. God gets to define our relationship with Him. We must always remember that.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media