Today’s reading is Acts 12-13.

Stephen was stoned in Acts 7. A persecution arose against Christ’s church in Acts 8. A famine occurred in Acts 11. The apostle James was executed in Acts 12. The apostle Peter was imprisoned in Acts 12. “But the Word of God increased and multiplied” in Acts 12:24. And that is the key we must understand. While this particular book of the Bible is called the “Acts of the Apostles,” the main protagonist is actually God’s Word. Whatever happens to the men and women who proclaim that Word, the Word lived on, succeeded, increased, and multiplied, and that will happen today as well. So, keep hanging on to God’s Word that always wins.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 14-15.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope you picked up on what I shared with your parents today. As you grow up, you will meet many who try to convince you God’s Word is for losers. As you watch the news with your parents, you may be convinced God’s Word is actually losing. The fact is there are times when God’s enemies appear to have a leg up, but no matter what happens, God and His Word always win. Hang on to it. Don’t let it go no matter what your friends say or what your enemies do. God’s Word Wins and makes us Winners.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media