Today’s reading is Acts 10-11.

When we put God in the beginning, there is no place for our ego. When we put God in the beginning, it is no longer about us. Barnabas is a great example. He could have made the work at Antioch about himself. After all, the apostles thought he was good enough to send him to work with those disciples. But he knew another would do a better work. So he went to Tarsus and got Saul. From then on he played second fiddle to the man we even today consider what of the greatest Christians who ever lived. What a great example. Let’s put God first and our ego last.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 12-13.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hate to speak so directly to you on this, but I have to tell you what is the greatest lesson you need to learn right now. It isn’t all about you. I know it is the lesson you most need to learn because you are exactly how old I was when I was your age. And I know what my greatest problem was, in fact still is. We come into this world surrounded by people who center their world around us, feeding us, holding us, playing with us, watching us, amazed by our every ooh and ahh. And from that point on we have to learn the hard lesson that despite that beginning, the world really isn’t about us. Start learning that lesson now, and you will be of much greater use to God than you can imagine. Look to Barnabas, he understood. Serve God, lift up others, put yourself last, and be the instrument God can truly use.

Photo from Graceway Media