Today’s reading is Acts 8-9.

When we put God in the beginning, we naturally put God’s people next. I’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating. When Stephen, an evangelist and deacon, was stoned, the disciples mourned him, buried him, and went on about their business. When James, an apostle and evangelist, was beheaded, the disciples mourned him, buried him, and went on about their business. But when Dorcas (Tabitha), a sister who made garments for widows, died, the disciples stopped everything, called in an apostle, and had her raised from the dead. That tells me something. We don’t need more apostles, evangelists, and deacons, we need more disciples like Dorcas. (Yes, yes, we do need evangelists and deacons, but when we have more disciples like Dorcas, we’ll end up with more of those too, but the ones we get will be better for us than otherwise.)

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 10-11.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, when you look at your future in Christ’s church, what do you want to be? An elder, a deacon, a preacher? The wife of an elder, deacon, or preacher? How about first you think about being a servant? That was Dorcas, also known as Tabitha. What can you do to serve others in the congregation. Don’t wait until you are grown up to think about that. Think about it now. Ask your parents what you can do even now to start serving. I promise you, whatever congregation you are part of, they need children like her more than they need someone who plans on being an elder someday.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media