Today’s reading is Acts 6-7.

Follow Stephen’s sermon carefully and discover he isn’t simply reciting a history of God’s people. He is actually responding to the Jews’ accusations about Jesus destroying the temple and upsetting the customs of Moses. Stephen explains that the Jews were placing too much store in the Temple and in Moses. He gives a litany of holy places and holy men  used by God throughout Israel’s history. The Jews had made a big mistake. They had forgotten that the Temple was not great, but the God who used the Temple was great. Moses wasn’t great, but the God who used Moses was great. We must keep that in mind for ourselves. It is never that we are great, but that God who uses us is great. Praise God.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 8-9.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you catch Stephen’s prayer at the end of his sermon, while the Jews were stoning him? What a powerful prayer. Here was a man who had internalized the very example of Jesus. Jesus on the cross prayed that the Father would forgive those who were in the middle of crucifying Him. Stephen, likewise, prays God would not hold his own murder against the people stoning him. Powerfully enough, God would grant Stephen’s request regarding the man who was holding the coats of those who stoned Stephen. Watch over the rest of Acts as Saul turns from persecutor to preacher. God will not hold that murder against Saul because His grace is just that powerful. Again, this isn’t permission to sin; it is simply permission to turn back to Jesus when you have sinned.

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