Today’s reading is Acts 4-5.

We have two choices. We can either listen to God or we can listen to the world. The world will try to get us to neither listen to God or talk about God. The world will try to make us feel guilty and ashamed when we speak God’s truth. They will threaten, they will belittle, they will cajole, they will seduce, they will do anything to get us to quiet down. We have to decide, will we love them or will we listen to them? Because loving them means listening to God and talking to them about God. What choice will you make today?

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 6-7.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, we find another reminder that even when we simply follow God, the world will not like us. Be prepared for that. Don’t think because the worldly despise us, belittle us, threaten us, mock us, and castigate us that we are doing something wrong. Certainly, if we are sinning and they treat us this way, we deserve it. But we must not assume that we are doing something wrong just because the world feels this way about us. Listen to God no matter what. Obey God no matter what. Then be prepared for the fallout with the world. It won’t be pleased. If the world is pleased with us, that is when we need to be concerned.

Photo from Graceway Media