Today’s reading is Ruth 4 and Acts 1.

So why is this story of Naomi and Ruth’s redemption even recorded to begin with? Not to give us a model for romance, not to give us just another story of people doing what is right in their own eyes in the days of the judges, not to open our eyes to the law of kinsman redeemer and Levirate marriages. No, this story was recorded not because it was even Ruth’s story, but because it was David’s story. This is how David got on the scene, through this redemption of Naomi and Ruth. This actually provided a great lesson for the Jews during the United and Divided Kingdom periods. If Ruth, a Moabitess, who was not supposed to be even allowed in the assembly of Israel nor any of her offspring up to the tenth generation (cf. Deuteronomy 23:3), could have a grandson on Israel’s throne because she took refuge under Yahweh’s wings with such fervor, how much more would Israel be redeemed if they refused to take refuge under the foreign gods of the nations around them and maintained Yahweh as their refuge? May we also remember that message. Yahweh, and Yahweh alone, is our shield, our strength, our rock, our redeemer, our refuge. Let’s keep it that way.

Tomorrow’s reading is Acts 2-3.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I hope these past three readings have been a great example in Bible study for you. There are multiple levels of getting into the Word. There is the surface level of just finding out what happened, who it happened to, when it happened, and where it happened. But then there is the deeper level of trying to figure out why it is recorded. God doesn’t reveal these great accounts of history simply so we can know some good historical facts. He has a message for us. Again and again, the message is as it was in Ruth: take refuge in Yahweh, that is, in the God of the Bible. Take refuge in Him only no matter what anyone else is doing, no matter what else is happening. It is okay to start on the surface of study, especially now when you are young. That is where we all need to start. But as you grow, dig deeper and find God’s purpose behind these accounts.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media