Today’s reading is Ruth 2-3.

I don’t want to burst any bubbles or slaughter any sacred cows, but I’d like to continue a potential alternative view of Ruth. Boaz did not bend over backwards to help Ruth because he was smitten with her at first sight, but because he honored her willingness to go to such amazing lengths to take refuge under the wings of Yahweh and support her mother-in-law. Ruth did not pursue Boaz because she was overwhelmed by his white horse or shining armor, but because her mother-in-law explained it was the lawful way for them to be redeemed. Perhaps romance was involved, but if so, it is only ferreted out by reading between the lines. What is stated in the lines is how Ruth, a Moabitess, took refuge under God’s wings, which was then demonstrated by taking refuge under the wings of the lawful kinsmen redeemer. This book is not the story of Boaz and Ruth’s romance, but is the story of Naomi and Ruth’s redemption. That is important, because the take away for us is not how to fall in love, but about how to be redeemed. The only way is under the wings of Yahweh, and that is only accomplished by surrendering to His revealed will. Under whose wings are you taking refuge?

Tomorrow’s reading is Ruth 4 and Acts 1.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I really hope you are seeing what I’m sharing with your parents about Ruth. This really is a story in contrasts. Elimelech led Naomi out from under God’s wings, which is not surprising because obviously Israel in general was wandering out from under God’s protective wings. However, Ruth, a Moabitess, sets the great example of coming under God’s sheltering wings. When that happens, though it takes time, redemption comes. When we walk in our own wisdom, more suffering and struggle will follow. When we walk in God’s wisdom, redemption and salvation is the result. Remember that. There is a way that seems naturally right to us, but it only produces death. Only God’s way works to bring about salvation. Always follow Him no matter what.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media