Today’s reading is Judges 15-16.

If you are like me, you have long misunderstood the source of Samson’s strength. For most of my life, I believed it was his hair. As long as his hair grew without being cut, he would have strength, but if it was cut, his strength would leave. To be sure, a surface reading of the story suggests this. But Judges 16:20 disillusions us of that mistake. Samson’s strength was gone, not because his hair had left him, but because the Lord had left him. Certainly, the text does seem to go out of its way to tell us Samson’s hair had begun to grow back, but did you notice that Samson did not rely on this. Rather, even though his hair was growing back, he had learned the source of his strength and asked that source, “O Lord God, please remember me and please strengthen me only this once…” May we always remember the source of our strength and always pray to Him so that we might have the victory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Judges 17-18.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, if you’re like me, you often think it would be really cool to have super human strength like Samson. I admit, that would be cool. But notice what Samson did with it? He took it for granted, misused it, and ultimately lost it. Granted, he repented and his strength was restored, but only in his dying act. It makes me wonder what gifts of God might I be taking for granted while I fantasize about having super human strength. Keep your head in God’s book and take every opportunity you have to simply do what He has said. If God could use Samson who took His gifts for granted, be amazed at how He will use you if you give Him the glory for every gift you have.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media