Today’s reading is Judges 11-12.

Throughout Judges God has used the last and the least. Jephthah is no exception. The cast off son of a prostitute, driven from his family by his half-brothers who were embarrassed by his heritage, who would have thought Jephthah could be used for any good thing? Yet, God uses him as judge and deliverer. I don’t care what your past is or what anyone else thinks of it. I don’t care where you family is from or who was in it or what anyone thinks of your family. God can use you if you will simply make yourself available. Obey Him and let Him use you for great victory.

Monday’s reading is Judges 13-14.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, as you grow up, you’ll hear a lot of arguing about what actually happened to Jephthah’s daughter. I don’t have room in this blog to explain my opinion about it. But I hope you can see one amazing thing about Jephthah’s daughter. She was so concerned about her father’s honor and word that she submitted without question to his oath even though it caused her great hardship. What an example.

Photo from Graceway Media