Today’s reading is Judges 7-8.

We understand salvation is by grace, so we can’t boast (cf. Ephesians 2:8-10). We may not, however, be aware what boasting Paul was speaking against. He wasn’t trying to say we are saved by God without any involvement of our own choice or action. Gideon and his three hundred demonstrate that. Would Israel have been delivered if Gideon and his 300 had stayed at home instead of obeying God? Of course not. But God purposefully whittled the army down to 300 so when it was done, the army couldn’t boast that they had delivered Israel. Paul isn’t concerned that we might claim we chose to obey God, letting Him be our champion. Neither is he concerned that we might claim the difference between the saved and the lost is the saved chose the Lord. He is concerned we might say we defeated sin ourselves and delivered ourselves from guilt and death, which we simply cannot do.  Put God in the beginning, then put your boast in the Lord as He provides the victory.

Tomorrow’s reading is Judges 9-10.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, not only did God use Gideon who was the least. He used the least of an army. He used 300 men. Quit worrying about what you are going to do for the Lord when you grow up. Recognize it is the Lord who gives the victory. You just do what He says along with the Christians around you and be amazed at what God can accomplish through you and those around you.

Photo from Graceway Media