Today’s reading is Judges 3-4.

Something has always troubled me about Judges 3:1-2. God left nations behind to let the next generation know war? War is awful, destructive, painful. Why would He want them to know war? Couldn’t He spare them that heartache all the way along? Then it hit me. God doesn’t want them to know war so much as what they will learn from war. That is, they will learn God. They will learn the power of and a dependence upon God who delivers. Remember that when you face hardships. God is not simply introducing us to hardship, He is introducing us to Him who carries us through the storm. Praise the Lord!

Today’s reading is Judges 5-6.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, here is something I find fascinating about the judges in this book. When we think of a judge, we think of someone who sits on high, handing out sentences of judgment and punishment against crime and sin. With that picture in mind, judges often have a negative connotation for us. When we learn that Jesus is a judge, it might frighten us. But notice these Biblical judges. While they will offer counsel and judge cases between neighbors, in this book their main function is as deliverer. That is the kind of judge our Savior is. Certainly, He does judge cases of sin, but His primary function is as Deliverer from our sins. Let’s hang on to our Judge no matter what.

Photo adapted from Graceway Media