Today’s reading is Joshua 17-18.

I love what Joshua says to the tribes who hadn’t inhabited their inheritance yet. Essentially it was, “What are you waiting for? Go conquer your land and have the victory God is giving you.” I need to be reminded of that every day when I think of bad habits I need to conquer and good habits I need to develop. God wants us to put to death what is earthly within us and He is essentially saying, “What are you waiting for? Go conquer and have the victory God is giving you.” We don’t need to sit in paralyzed fear that we can’t overcome, God has promised us victory. Put Him in the beginning and quit waiting around–Go Conquer!

Tomorrow’s reading is Joshua 19-20.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, did you see the fear of Joseph’s tribe. “We want this land, we need this land, but its inhabitants have chariots of iron.” That would be like someone today claiming their enemy has tanks. You can see why they might be afraid. But Joshua tells them, “So what! Go take the land.” Why could he say that? Because God is stronger than the mightiest chariots. Learn this lesson. It doesn’t matter how strong our enemy is, God is stronger. We will win, not because we are awesome, but because our God is. Always follow God and you will always win the victory.

Photo from Graceway Media