Today’s reading is Joshua 13-14.

Forty-five years. That is how long Caleb waited for God to fulfill His promise. He was old, but God had preserved his strength. He was able to enjoy the promise as much at 85 as he would have been able at 40. God had made sure of that. Think about our promise: a home with God in the promised heavenly land. And yet some times it seems so far off as to be unreal. Just imagine wandering in the wilderness with Caleb and Joshua. Wait, maybe you don’t have to imagine, maybe your life is like wandering in the wilderness too. No matter what your life is like, remember Caleb; remember his patience; remember his reward; then keep wholly following the Lord.

Tomorrow’s reading is Joshua 15-16.

A Word for Our Kids

Hey kids, I get it–this section of Joshua is kind of boring to us. Landmarks, boundaries, inheritances. Can we get back to the action? Don’t forget, however, that for the Jews, receiving this land was a big, huge, hairy deal. This was God’s promise all the way back to the time of Abraham. This was what they had been dreaming about and longing for their whole lives. Perhaps we can forgive them for indulging in a complete explanation of every bit of the land God gave them. Just think how excited we will be when we enter our Promised Land and how much we will want to talk about it, hear about it, and examine it. Hang on to that promise, pursue it; when it happens (and it will) others may be shocked at our fixation on it, but it will be amazing. Praise the Lord!

Photo adapted from Graceway Media